we turn your complex challenge into actionable projects

your challenge – our passion – your decision

what we do for you

We embrace complexity to help you make better decisions, expanding from individual, single-option solutions into multi-scenario solution spaces that reveal the value you’ve been looking for.

When complexity seems overwhelming and is preventing you from finding the right solution to your challenge, we help you out by providing oversight and structure – developing strategies and projects for: decarbonization, digitalization, biopharma manufacturing or simply by understanding the challenge you’re trying to solve. We embrace complexity to help you find the right solution for your next step today.

our approach

Generate true value right-first-time using our ‍systematic requirements engineering approach

Intuitive thinking often produces solutions before the issue has been fully understood, preventing true value-added.

our holistic systems approach ensures that all stakeholder requirements, capabilities and constraints are considered, and all actors are brought to the table.

clarification of semantics and ontologies aids mutual understanding of the issue and system interoperability.

mathematical modeling and computational processing help to expand the limitations of human cognition.

quantified, documented solution spaces transparently visualize economic and technological trade-offs, minimize cognitive biases and create a common understanding for all stakeholders recognizing their individual perspectives.

The decision is yours!

This is how we work: We frame, analyze, contextualize, synthesize and visualize the solution space for techo-economic scenarios. You understand the options, scenarios, trade-offs, the what-ifs, costs, and timelines. We document, visualize, and summarize. You make and sell the decision that gets your organization where you want it to be.

who we are

Our vision is that you face your next complex challenge with an excited grin

cyril peter, owner sysolex gmbh

15+ years working in the biopharmaceutical industry as a bioprocess engineer, manufacturing science and technology specialist, technical sales manager and director of strategy and innovation have provided me with a broad and in-depth understanding of the manufacturing space.

Bringing production assets to life, delivering on compliant API manufacturing, digitalizing business processes, turning more than 1000 requests for manufacturing, engineering, analytics, process development, process validation and commercialization into customer-centric solutions, have left me with a sound grasp of the trade-offs involved in solution design and decision-making.

Experts from a broad network supplement my own competence to enable the right solution to be found for your challenge.

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